School Board Administration


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School Board

The ɫֱ is managed by the Director General, Assistant Directors General and a senior management team of departmental directors and assistant directors.  These administrators oversee the everyday functioning of the school board. Administrators work in conjunction with the Council of Commissioners to establish policies, organizational objectives while striving to provide the best possible learning conditions for students.


ɫֱ Director General

The Director General is the highest authority in the School Board and is the only employee on the Council of Commissioners. The Director General attends Executive and Council meetings to provide support and information to Commissioners. 

Director General's Messages

ɫֱ Departments & Directors

The ɫֱ is managed by directors and assistant directors, which we call Administration. Find a summary of the responsibilities of each department and a list of directors.

Senior Management & Departments

ɫֱ Careers

The ɫֱ employs more than 4000 full-time and part-time teachers, administrators and support staff personnel. Start your career at the ɫֱ.

Career Opportunities


Common questions from our parents, students and community and where you can find this information on our website. 

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